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Please make certain as you choose to participate in this Ministry that you pay close attention to the fact that I am not a 501 sanctioned non-profit company. This Ministry is done by myself as an individual wanting to pass the art of cross stitch to the next generation. Funds and donations arrive from people who have grown to trust what I do and do not need receipts for their donated items. There are no donation write off slips provided.

If you wish to be a part of this ministry, please be assured that you have my promise to pass all donations along to an area that can use them at my sole discretion. A significant criteria for the recipient to receive donations is that none of the items may be sold. The only exception to this rule is that the recipient, with approval, may use the donated items to create art that would then be sold to raise funds for a specific purpose. An example of this currently is Sparrow Ministries. The women stitching those pieces are then giving them back to Sparrow Ministries who is then selling them at their local church in order to specifically donate all funds received to the orphanage care fund/adoption assistance fund.

You also have my promise that all monetary donations will be used for teaching supplies, shipping supplies and fees, including paying for extra baggage charges for those hand carrying items out of the country. These funds may also be used to purchase bags for the kits to be made into if those bags are not donated. At the present time I am working with bags that were made available through Debbie Booth at My Big Toe Designs (

There is an active movement being supported by several fellow stitchers for Paraclete Designs to move forward during 2017/2018 to become a 501 non-profit or a foundation. Funds are currently being donated to provide legal and accounting advice for which entity will best serve the needs going forward. Donations can be made payable to Paraclete Designs with the memo indicating "donation for funding". These funds will be held in a business savings account and when funding is available to seek legal and accounting advice, they will be used for that purpose. The balance of funds needed/donated will be used for formation of the entity selected, initial set up costs and initial operating funds. If you have questions, please email me under the contact tab.


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