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Having worked in the field of law for over forty years at this point in my life, I have come to realize that my true personal passion in life outside of a job that currently pays the bills lies in being involved in the art of cross stitch and making that evolve in the lives of others through art ministry work. Speaking this passion into existence, focus has been placed in being a personally Christ Centered woman and making certain that all that I do as an individual promotes growth and well-being not only for myself but for all those I come in contact with.

In doing so, doors of opportunity have been put in front of me that continue to amaze me every day. God's grace is so good. These opportunities further the knowledge that God is in control of Paraclete Designs and I am the vessel being used for this Ministry. This has been evidenced primarily in my stepping back from publishing designs for the retail market and instead working on custom designs that are used only in therapy sessions one-on-one and working on the donations coming in and going back out. I take no income for that. It is done on a strictly volunteer basis. Carl’s salary is living with a happy wife and Gabriel’s salary is a few extra doggie treats here and there! If there are no postage funds, then I use the Paraclete Designs credit card for paying those items and when funds do come in, I then pay the card off. A further "God Thing" because without any substantial income for Paraclete Designs, there is always postage money coming in just in time to pay the bills and the credit card has always been at a zero balance by year end. This solidifies for me that I am on the right track and where God is leading me. Don't get me wrong everyone, I am human. I do make mistakes sometimes and last time I checked I could not walk on water. So no its not all perfect, it doesn’t run as smoothly as I want, but that isn’t the point here. The point is focused on Christ Centered Ministry work.

Going forward it is my eventual intention to complete several designs I have been working on, to create a line of designs and then publish them. At this point, there is no set time for that. However, Paraclete Designs and all of its future divisions intend at this time to be wholesale and will not sell directly to the public. The products will be found in fine needlework shops in the U.S.A. which will include those mentioned here as supporters of the Ministry.

All original designs and verses by Charlene Reeder are copyright material.


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