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Paraclete is derived from "para" and "kletos" and is defined by Webster as "an advisor or intercessor; in a Christian context the Holy Spirit." A paraclete is one who encourages the athlete in the race, who sticks up for athlete's well-being, who provides water and nourishment during the race and is found running alongside.

In our daily walk as Christians here on earth, we have the Holy Spirit as our "paraclete" – infusing us with power, wisdom, understanding. The Holy Spirit encourages us and guides us to do what is right according to the will of God. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and encourager, always running alongside and watching over us.

Preservation of the art of hand made needlework to the next generation through personal expression and custom design.

Paraclete Designs is a custom fiber arts company focusing on the rescue and relocation of leftover and unwanted supplies. The coalition of fiber arts and faith is the foundation for the company. As the Founder and Manager, Charlene has continually worked to better educate herself in the importance of carrying fiber arts education, crafting and therapy to the next generation. In her spare time, Charlene enjoys reading and working with all types of art supplies to better enhance her knowledge of the fiber arts industry. Charlene is currently studying the art of color - both in fabric and in thread.

Paraclete Designs gathers unwanted art supplies and continually finds new outlets for relocation as useful objects for others. Charlene continues to teach fiber arts as it relates to scripture and our daily walk through art therapy, cross stitch and art journaling.

As Paraclete continues to evolve, we have branched out into many phases of fiber arts. We are now taking donations of all fiber arts supplies, including quilting and journaling supplies.


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