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Charlene has a background in the field of law which keeps personal bills paid. Charlene is most passionate when involved with fiber arts and bringing all it entails to the next generation. Charlene is continually focused on growing as a Christ centered woman, making certain all efforts not only promote personal growth and well-being but also enhance the recipients of supplies lives as well. Many times, when requested, she has also supplied recipients with daily devotional books and bibles.

In doing so, doors of opportunity have been opened that continue to amaze Charlene and her volunteers and remind them of how God's grace is good. The opportunities further the knowledge that God is in control of Paraclete Designs and Charlene is the vessel being used for ministry. This has been evidenced primarily in Charlene stepping back from publishing designs for the retail market and instead working on custom designs that are used only in therapy sessions one-on-one and working on the donations coming in and going back out. If there are no cash operating funds, then the Paraclete Designs credit card pays for ongoing expenses until the funds come in. A further "God Thing" because without any substantial monetary donations for Paraclete Designs, there always seems a donation arrive just in time to pay the bills and the credit card has always been at a zero balance by year end. This solidifies that Paraclete Designs is on track and where God is leading both the company and Charlene. Don't get it wrong everyone, Charlene is still human and Charlene is capable of mistakes. The last time we checked, she was not able to walk on water. Its not all perfect, it doesn't run as smoothly as it should all the time, but that isn't the point. The point is focused on Christ Centered Ministry work.

Going forward it is Charlene's intention to complete several designs, to create a line of designs and then publish. At this point, there is no set timeframe for this goal. The products will be found in fine needlework shops in the U.S.A. which will include those mentioned here as supporters of the Ministry.

All original designs and verses by Charlene Reeder are copyright material.


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