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There are a number of EGA Guilds that support this Ministry through outreach programs. At the Annual Convention held in Phoenix Arizona in October of 2014, all attendees were provided a "get acquainted letter" and business card. This was due to the hard work of Jenny Ewing, Vice President of Desert Threaders EGA Guild in Phoenix, Arizona. Jenny wrote an article based on an interview. The original appears in the EGA Chapter Desert Threaders Newsletter for September&October 2013. Volume 3, Issue 4, Page 7. (reference used with permission). 650 letters and cards were provided and inserted in each attendee's bag

Janice at Old Town Needlework in Scottsdale Arizona ( is an avid supporter of the Ministry and has become a dear friend. Her staff as well. Items have been brought to her store and then picked up there and used as needed. Janice has been a friend to sit and chat with me about the focus of what is going on, about needs and making sure she always does her part to assist in making those happen, and then taking time from her own business to gather things from her customers and allow me to pick them up there. Her shop is located in the old town part of Scottsdale and is a delight to entertain yourself in for the day. She is both a needlepoint and cross stitch shop.

Julie at Family Arts Needlework in Phoenix Arizona ( is primarily a needlepoint, knitting and crotchet shop. Julie has excelled in bringing the "leftovers and discards" of those transferring to other art forms in her store and wanting to find good homes for their cross stitch supplies. Annually I can count on her for needles galore for packages for the kids after school programs as well. Julie is the recipient of a piece of artwork done by the father of some children in a Vietnam village that were taught to spell and count through cross stitch. This father knew that Julie provided the needles and a lot of left over embellishments to be used for the projects brought to this remote village. He was so overwhelmed by the generosity of those who had no idea who they were giving to, that he drew this incredible piece of art and sent it back to be given through Paraclete Designs to Julie in thanks.

Val and Diane of The Bernina Connection in Phoenix, Arizona ( provide lots of goodies for us. Great friendship and girlfriend hugs being number one. Then there are scraps of fabrics for using to back the Kissing Pillows with and stuffing scraps as well. What I love about this shop the most is their passion for bringing back the art of making your own clothing and becoming an established shop in the area for the supplies to do so. The teachers and classes here are so wonderful. My dream machine is on the wish list from this shop!

Miranda at Weeks Dye Works ( and her staff are continual inspiration for group therapy projects. Weeks Dye Works is Charlene’s #1 go-to fiber for stitching and their wools for finishing as well.

There is a point in our lives as creative women that we wonder if it will ever "happen" or if it will really come to fruition. There are those days when you get discouraged and need some encouragement. I have a couple of very long time, dear friends who have always encouraged me and been inspirational to me. These are my friendship treasures in life, also known as my prayer warriors, with whom I could not do without. I recently found a new treasure to add: Where Women Create. This magazine is just above and beyond. It contains true life stories and pictures that will make that creative passion inside you explode. The pages of the magazine are full of quotes, tips and pictures. There are also two wonderful books that have been published recently that are worth far more than their cover prices. Thank you Jo Packham for your personal encouragement to me to move forward and make my dreams come true. Thank you for taking the time to make your own come true so that this magazine and these books can encourage others as well. To all of you reading this, please take the time to support this website, magazine and all that it has to offer. You will be so richly blessed by what you find here.

There are so many more of you that cannot be listed here by name specifically. Without your incredible generosity this ministry would not exist. Blessings continue to abound in so many ways that only God can orchestrate between all of us and I thank you so much for your ongoing support. Please support the above companies who have been so generous to this ministry when you are looking to increase your stash.


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