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The idea for the name came from the use of the word "paraclete" in a sermon series by Pastor Dan Yeary during May 2009 at North Phoenix Baptist Church. The word is derived from "para" and "kletos" and is defined by Webster as “an advisor or intercessor; in a Christian context the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Dan took that one step further to indicate a paraclete is one who encourages the athlete in the race, who sticks up for him, who provides water and nourishment during the race, runs alongside him. Then Pastor Dan took the word yet another step to include our daily walk as Christians, the race we run here on earth prior to getting to heaven - the Holy Spirit is our "paraclete" – infusing us with power, wisdom, understanding. The Holy Spirit encourages us and guides us to do what is right according to the will of God. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and encourager. It was during this sermon that I was given the heartfelt understanding that I was to start a custom needle art company and it was to be called Paraclete Designs.

Once that decision was made, I have continually worked to better educate myself in the field of my passion - cross stitch. I love to read books and anything I can get my hands on that teaches me about where this art began, where it got its roots in America, how others have endured to bring this art form to its current stage. I have also worked to educate myself on the art of color - both in fabric and in thread. As I continue on this path, it will be my goal to achieve the Mission Statement below.

Camelback Bible Church located on Stanford Drive in Phoenix Arizona is my current church affiliation, having now attended there four years. It is part of the Gospel Coalition and is active in presentation of art as it relates to scripture. This Christ Centered worship arena has furthered my commitment to the goals of Paraclete Designs as well as my personal walk with Christ.

Preservation of the art of hand made needlework to the next generation through personal expression and custom design.

Paraclete Designs will be the business entity whereby I am “inspired and encouraged by the Holy Spirit” to design. It is my intention to create custom cross stitch designs based on scripture passages and life experiences that are close to my heart.

In addition, Paraclete Designs is the receptacle for receipt of donations from others who wish to see their no longer wanted items (leftovers) re-purposed in the world of art to those in need of supplies for learning cross stitch specifically. See the Ministries Tab for further information.


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